Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it legal for you to sell products with the Linux penguin on it?

A: Yes.  True to the spirit of Open Source, the Linux penguin is licensed under a license similar to that of the Linux code base.  This allows me to make modifications to it, as well as sell products based off it.  As long as I in turn release the "source" of my modifications, and allow others the same privilege.  For details about the License, my compliance with the License, as well as where you can get the "source" of my modifications, go to the License page at

Q: How much do you (Troy) do, and how much does your wife do?

A: I (Troy) do 100% of everything at Casual Penguins. That includes sewing, stuffing, designing, accounting, and everything.  My wife allows me to do it, and feels it a good for me to do something not computer related.

Q: Did Troy make all the graphics?

A: No, Yes, No, Yes.  The penguin, without the shirt, is the Linux penguin named Tux.  Troy added the shirt on Tux, and all the different designs on Tux's shirts.  Casual Penguins commissioned the pattern "Colorwave".   Troy has done all of the other graphics and patterns.

Q: Do you plan on making other items available in your Etsy shop?

A: Yes, at some point.  We've been doing things one item at a time.