Penguin Pillows / Stuffed Penguin


Insetting batting is optional, but it gives your penguin pillow a smoother, less lumpy feel.  Even the best batting tends to clump a bit, especially after a lot of snuggling.  Although batting doesn't completely remove the feel of the lumps, it makes them less noticeable.

If you are buying your own batting, be sure to get some that has at least one smooth side.  Do not get it too thick or it becomes noticeable under the fleece.  For 15 inch penguin pillows, cut two pieces, the size of the sewn pillow.  For 24 inch penguin pillows, cut the two pieces a little over an inch larger than the size of the sewn pillow.

Put your two batting pieces together.  Starting at a foot, roll them length-wise together, towards the other foot.  When you are done, the height is the same as you started.  You don't have to make the roll very tight.

Take your roll, and insert it into your pillow, head first.  Once it is in all the way, reach in, and unroll the batting.  With a little adjusting the two pieces of batting should still be together, lining the inside of the penguin pillow.

There is no need to tack or pin the batting anywhere.  Putting the stuffing between the two pieces of batting will hold it against the fleece.

For the larger, 24 inch penguin pillow, some batting adjustment might be needed after the pillow is about 75% stuffed.


Casual Penguins uses Premium Polyester Fiber Fill to stuff it's Pre-Made Penguin Pillows.  But you can use whatever type is your favorite.

If you used the optional batting, don't forget to get all of your stuffing between the two pieces of batting.


Pre-Sewn Penguin Pillows have an invisible zipper with a hidden pocket.  This not only makes it easy to close, but you also don't have the zipper tab hanging out.

An invisible zipper is a little bit harder to close than a normal zipper. You need to hold, or pinch, the zipper at the end that is already closed.  Then zip it closed.

It is a good idea to check and make sure the stuffing is how you want it before tucking the zipper tab into the hole.  Once it is tucked away, it is difficult to unzip it.

Once you are ready, tuck the zipper tab into the little hole, where the zipper is going.  Then push the zipper into the hole.  You will need something hard, such as your fingernail.  The zipper end should make it all the way into the hole and disappear.